Handmade By Heroes Paracord Epilepsy Identification Bracelets!! Support our Veterans! Purchase a Bracelet Today!


A friend of mine posted a link on my facebook page to the Handmade By Heroes Bracelets. These are identification bracelets made out of paracord by some of our precious veterans. I don’t think there are enough words available to thank our veterans for their service to our country. I have several friends who have purchased the bracelet for their children who have epilepsy. The kids love the bracelet and only take it off for shower time! In my opinion these bracelets are much better as an identification for people who have seizures than a necklace.  After my husband had a seizure he was very disoriented. More than once he grabbed medical personnel and would not let them go because he did not know what was happening.  Keeping a safe distance and taking care of seizure patients can be quite a quandary for medical personnel.  If no family is available to inform the medical staff that a person has epilepsy their first step is to look for an identification necklace or bracelet. Bending over a person’s body who has just had a seizure and trying to find a necklace can result in the seizure patient grabbing the medical technician and not letting go.  Unlike a necklace, the medical identification bracelet being on the wrist of the seizure patient can be more easily and safely discovered and leave a safe distance between the confused person who has just had a seizure and the medical technician who is trying to help them. If you need an epilepsy identification bracelet please consider ordering one from my friends at Handmade By Heroes.  Simply click on the following link and purchase your bracelet today.


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