The National Association of Epilepsy Centers!! This Could Be Your First Step In Eliminating Seizures Forever!!

If you or someone you know is suffering with constant seizures please read this post. My late husband, Charley, had every type of seizure imaginable.  When his first seizure occurred in 1980 we never dreamed of the roads we would travel due to epilepsy.  Charley’s seizures were controlled by medication at one time.  I don’t know exactly why but eventually the medication did not work and Charley began to have seizures frequently. He tried many different medications and combinations but none held back the seizures after a few weeks.  For several years, because we did not know better and also because seizures had become our normal, Charley had seizures almost daily.  We did not know there were medical teams who specialized in epilepsy.  We sure did not know epilepsy specialists existed and certainly could not fathom Charley consulting with a doctor whose goal would be to eliminate seizures rather than just control them.

A lot has happened in the world of epilepsy since 1980. I do not think a lot of the people who are suffering with seizures understand the amount of help they may find for their epilepsy now if only they will seek qualified medical treatment.

I was a caretaker for twenty-six years of a person who had severe epilepsy. If you or a person you are caring for who has epilepsy is suffering with constant or multiple seizures THOSE SEIZURES ARE NOT NORMAL!!!!!!!! Find medical treatment that can lay the seizures down so you can live again.  Charley had brain surgery after suffering with seizures for 24 years and lived seizure free for two years until his death in 2006 due to liver failure.

When I stumbled onto the National Association of Epilepsy Centers website and discovered that this organization had been established in 1987 I almost fell out of my chair.  Who Knew???????

I think knowledge about this Association of Epilepsy Centers is very important because the ability to help those suffering with seizures to find an epilepsy clinic nearest to them is available on their website. How awesome is that?

Here is the link to the National Association of Epilepsy Centers website:

On this site you can find answers to questions, clinics, doctors and detailed information that can help you decide if you need to pursue a different medical avenue of treatment for your seizures.

Don’t give up or give in to seizures. You just may find a treatment team that can help you get your life back.






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