The Epilepsy Foundation – There For You!

If you have epilepsy and you need help, hope, guidance, information or a new doctor or clinic the Epilepsy Foundation is your #1 source for all of those needs. I have met several people who represent the Epilepsy Foundation at the Epilepsy Expo that takes place in Disneyland every year. Each person I met was so kind and represented the Epilepsy Foundation well. I was struck by how important it was to each of them to help people whose life has been interrupted or stolen by seizures. Honestly, I was expecting a “business as usual” attitude from the Epilepsy Foundation representatives. Each person I spoke with listened to my story and had the ability to understand that every seizure journey is a representation of a person’s life. Very few people outside of the seizure circle understand what having epilepsy means. Many people view having seizures as just another illness, but the far-reaching effects of epilepsy are impossible to explain and even more impossible to understand.

I want you to know that whoever you contact at the Epilepsy Foundation is there to help you. Ask about whatever you are seeking help for, and they will do all that is possible to help you. The Epilepsy Foundation has 24-hour Help Line 7 days a week. ANYTIME you need assistance call or message them. The Epilepsy Foundation is there for anyone who has epilepsy, anyone who is a caregiver or helper to someone who suffers with seizures or anyone who may want to learn more about epilepsy.

The person you speak with isn’t just some dum-dum waiting for the phone to ring. These people are epilepsy specialists ready to inform you about:

Current epilepsy treatment and alternative therapies, medication questions, support groups, seizure first aid and safety devices, employment and discrimination, emotional support, local Epilepsy Foundation offices and SUDEP (sudden unexpected death in epilepsy).

Seizures are very isolating. Sometimes getting up the courage to ask for information is the hardest part of finding help because epilepsy corners you and convinces you that you are alone and no help can be found. That isn’t true and I urge you to step out of your box and communicate with the Epilepsy Foundation about your seizures and allow them to be a part of your seizure journey.

Epilepsy Foundation: 1-800-332-1000 – English. Spanish – 1-866-748-8008. There are even links to International Resources available on the first page of the Epilepsy Foundation Website.

The link to the Epilepsy Foundation website:

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