Living With the Bull: What are Clusters of Seizures?

What are Clusters of Seizures? I remember the first time I was confronted with this term. Charley’s neurologist at the University of Texas told us he was having clusters of seizures but I had no idea what those words meant.  Looking back has taught me much about what those seizures did to Charley physically and mentally.

In Epilepsy Unveiled I have written a chapter that is titled Living with the Bull: Recognizing Clusters of Seizures. Charley’s mental characteristics were those of a bull trying to charge and challenge everyone when his brain was enduring constant seizures.

So many elements of epilepsy are hard to understand.  The medical research papers I have read have no absolute definition for clusters of seizures.  Many of those papers state “it is thought, or the common definition, or our study concludes” but none of the papers I have read that are written by doctors state, “this is what you should look for.”

People living with epilepsy need to know what to look for in order to recognize if the person they love is suffering with clusters of seizures.  I can totally guarantee if the person who has epilepsy is having clusters of seizures they are going to be too miserable and sick to understand the seriousness of their seizure situation.

In Epilepsy Unveiled I describe the decline of Charley’s health that I attribute to clusters of seizures robbing him of the ability to function normally.  This slow decline began with insomnia and led to psychotic behaviors.

If you are living with epilepsy in any manner it is important to know the signs that clusters of seizures may be occurring.  These seizures slowly rob an individual of so much.  Just like the psychosis I write of you may never have had an episode of clusters of seizures to this very day.  But, you might tomorrow.  Epilepsy is unpredictable.  Gain all the knowledge you can from people who have experience living in seizure situations so you can be prepared if a new element of seizures tries to slowly sneak into your life.

I do not proclaim to have a tenth of the answers you may need for your epilepsy situation but I do have 26 years of experience and knowledge to pass on and provide whatever help I can.

What are clusters of seizures?  I describe them in Epilepsy Unveiled as physical and mental torture. And they are.



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