After Brain Surgery: Freedom from Seizures!

There are many words I will write about our experiences after brain surgery but none describe Charley’s after surgery life better than this picture.  In my before surgery post I explain how Charley sat in a recliner day after day because he was so seizure stunned he could not do anything before surgery.  Here is Charley after brain surgery standing twenty foot in the air on scaffolding working on the trim of our house.  Before surgery Charley’s tools sat dusty and unused for more than a year.  He could do nothing.

Getting Charley to the point of working again after surgery was a slow progression.  As I have written in my book, we did go through a period of insanity that nearly did us both in.  No one could have predicted that happening.  I think of the hard times we endured and cannot help but take a look at this picture to remind me of the joy Charley felt when he could live again without the constant uncertainty of a potential seizure.

Charley was 57 years old when he had brain surgery.  We pursued that avenue because he was having clusters of seizures that were creating constant psychosis. Don’t wait until your seizure situation is out of control to seek expert medical advice. What happened in our life could happen to anyone who has epilepsy.

If you are considering having brain surgery to eliminate seizures do not let fear stop you from attempting to regain your life.  You won’t find the headaches after surgery to be anything but misery but in time they do get better and eventually go away as long as you take good care of yourself.

Set your goals and stick to them and don’t let what seizures do today make you think you have no ability to overcome them tomorrow.  Is brain surgery to eliminate seizures a process I would recommend? A picture really does say a thousand words doesn’t it?

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