Are Your Seizures Creating Psychosis, Hallucinations or Delusions? Please Watch Toni’s Video She Made to Help Others Understand!

This is a link to Toni’s video. If clicking her picture does not take you to the Face book page that has her video please copy and paste this link in your browser to see Toni’s video:

I have been contacted by many people who suffer with seizures since publishing Epilepsy Unveiled. After others read Epilepsy Unveiled I am told one of two things: I have never had psychosis (which is wonderful) or now I know what I have been dealing with (people whose seizures create psychosis). The beautiful young woman in this videos name is Toni. She lives in the U.K. Toni’s mother, Rhian, found my Epilepsy Unveiled website and contacted me. She knew something was wrong with Toni that went far beyond seizures or the scope of the medical team that Toni was consulting. After reading Epilepsy Unveiled Rhian understood that Toni was suffering with psychosis that was caused by clusters of seizures.

In this video the weakness that is caused in a brain by multiple seizures has pushed Toni into a very frightening world. She sits in the room with others and is terrified of visions only she can see.  Every ounce of Toni’s being believes she is drowning. She can feel the wet water creeping up her body. She is horrified by what she sees and feels. “I’m drowning, I’m drowning,”  Toni cries over and over to her mother as she feels the water stealing her breath and consuming her life.
Rhian comforts and assures Toni that what she is seeing and feeling is not real. I praise the Lord for the wonderful mother that Rhian is to Toni. Rhian  understands there is something about Toni’s epilepsy that causes the events of horror that she suffers.

Rhian contacted me after reading Epilepsy Unveiled and told me by reading the book she, and Toni, have a new lease on life. Now they know that Toni suffers with psychosis that her clusters of seizures are causing.
When you are the person who has psychosis it is nearly impossible to seek help for the condition. They know something with their mental being is out of whack but are so busy fighting to survive and maintain any level of sanity there is no time to stop and rationally question their behaviors or seek help.
Caretakers or family members, such as Rhian, do not witness psychotic events and automatically know their loved ones seizures are the cause of the psychosis. You just know something is not right but you don’t know what is wrong. You dig in and survive all the while believing somewhere down the line your questions will be answered and a successful treatment found for the person you love.

Please watch Toni’s video. If you or someone you love is suffering with psychosis due to epilepsy perhaps this brave young woman’s video can help you recognize the problem so you can seek medical treatment.
I hid my husband’s psychotic behavior because I could not find answers or help for him. If you are living with psychosis of any kind that you know or suspect is caused by seizures tell your doctor about the problem. If your doctor refuses to listen or help with the psychosis then find a doctor who specializes in epilepsy who understands the misery that clusters of seizures can create.

A Beautiful Mother and Daughter in All Ways!


This is a picture of Toni and her mother Rhian on a good day. They are both beautiful. Watching Toni’s video and seeing the misery seizures are creating for her in comparison to this picture is heart wrenching. I did not ask Toni to send the video. She had her mother make the video because she wants to help others with recognizing what psychosis can do to a person who has multiple seizures. If one person benefits from her sacrifice of making this video we will together have met another goal that was behind my writing Epilepsy Unveiled.

Toni you are an angel who deserves to be free of the seizures, psychosis and misery that epilepsy creates. I pray that happens for you some how.

You have truly shown others the meaning of Epilepsy Unveiled in a way my written words never could.

Thank you.







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